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Mobility Drill To Open Up Your Chest And Shoulders (Rocking Table)

From a seated position, have your feet together on the floor in front of you and your hands planted behind you, about shoulder-width apart.

Elevate your pelvis so that it approaches the same level as your shoulders and knees, forming a table with your trunk from shoulders to knees.

Ideally, you want your shoulders to be above your wrists in a vertical line.

If you feel comfortable in this position, gently rock your table forward so that your shoulders are just in front of where your hands are planted on the ground, then return to your starting position. This is one repetition. You can do as many as you feel comfortable doing.

If you feel significant discomfort in your elbows or shoulders, try Rocking Table with your hands spread a little wider on the ground. You should only rock in the table position when your elbows and shoulders feel capable of this movement while under load.

Tightness in the shoulders during Rocking Table is often indicative of a short pectoralis minor muscle, while tightness in the fronts of your elbows is often a sign of short biceps and brachialis muscles - all of these soft tissues will lengthen with regular practice of Rocking Table.

When doing Rocking Table, strive to keep your scapulae retracted by squeezing your shoulder blades together and keeping your shoulders from riding up by your ears - the idea is to keep your shoulders back and down.


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