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Simple Ways To Help Prevent Car Theft

In Canada, car theft is on a seemingly exponential rise. The most common way that cars are being stolen is via signal capture from key fobs that allow for remote start-up of the engine.

An inexpensive way to prevent this type of theft is to keep all of your key fobs in a Faraday box, which blocks the signal that thieves try to pick up on from outside to start your car. Faraday boxes are relatively inexpensive and are widely available. This is the one that we use at our home:

Amazon Canada:

Many of these Faraday boxes come with Faraday pouches or bags that you can use to keep your key fob in while at work or out running errands.

Another deterrent that I find useful is a wheel steering lock - this is the one that we use:

Amazon Canada:

Yes, sophisticated thieves can use a power tool to saw through this type of lock, but this isn't easy to do, and in my view, having a brightly coloured lock on your steering wheel reduces the likelihood that someone will want to do the extra work needed to steal your car.

A couple of other simple tips to mitigate against car theft that we employ:

If possible, keep your vehicle in your garage.

Have clearly visible signs indicating that there is 24-hour video surveillance, something like this:

Amazon Canada:

Wishing good health and safe days to all.


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