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Try This To Improve Insulin Sensitivity, Blood Sugar Regulation, and Body Composition

To improve your body's ability to store glucose as glycogen in your skeletal muscles, try doing some body weight squats before each substantial meal. Even one set of 10 to 20 body weight squats is enough to prime and prepare your skeletal muscles to act as receptive storage sites for glycogen.

If your joints or overall health status don't allow you to go very low, simply lower your body to a point that is comfortable, keeping your core engaged and distributing equal weight between both of your legs.

To add more complexity to your squatting routine, try the Cossack version shown in the video above - this is an excellent way of strengthening your quads and glutes while lengthening your hamstrings and calves.

Regardless of what type of squats you do before eating, by improving glycogen uptake within your skeletal muscles, your body will experience all of the benefits of improved blood sugar regulation, including lower insulin production, improved insulin sensitivity, and healthier overall body composition.

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what great advice - something I will definitely incorporate into my routine. Overall Dr Ben offers so much great information on improving our wellness and fitness .