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How to Strengthen Your Hips and Core

For those interested in preserving hip health and mobility, this is a compound movement that I can suggest working at - it's more challenging than basic hip swivel work, but is an excellent way of combining hip, core, and upper body conditioning.

If push-ups and the leg follow-through components are not doable at this time, I would suggest working just on the position of having one leg back, hands solidly anchored on the ground as they would be with push-ups, and bringing one leg forward with the hip and knee joints positioned as shown in the video, as this is highly effective in conditioning the ligamentous capsule that stabilizes the hip joint.

Our simple 8-minute hip care routine can always be found here:

Hip replacement surgery is not an inevitable event in life, and even where there is chronic pain and stiffness, in my experience, many people can achieve significant and sustainable improvement by doing mobility work daily.


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