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Try This For Chronic Back Pain and Stiffness

If you have chronic or recurrent back pain and stiffness, it may be that shortened hamstrings are creating a constant downward pull on your pelvis which could be causing compensatory biomechanics within your lumber and thoracic spinal regions, manifesting as pain and/or stiffness.

The movements in this video improve hamstring flexibility and core strength.

Lying face up, have your palms on the ground under your pelvis, bend one knee and keep that foot flat on the ground, and bring your target leg straight up toward the ceiling - the goal is to keep your knee extended and use your hip flexor to raise your leg high enough to create an active stretch through your hamstrings. Repeat on the other side.

Then do the same thing but take your leg up to your side. Repeat on the other side.

Then do several repetitions bringing both legs straight up at the same time until your feel a stretch through your hamstrings - strive not to let your heels touch the ground each time your legs return to their starting position. When bringing both legs up at the same time, it’s normal to have the knees bend slightly at the beginning of this movement.


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