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How We Measure Success

I can't speak for other cultures, but I can confirm that most Korean parents get a lot of satisfaction from discussing how well their grown children are doing with their careers.

A while back, I stumbled upon a priceless commercial that aired in Malaysia over the Chinese New Year holiday several years back that is now my favourite short film ever. Most of it is painfully familiar to many Asians of my generation, and I'm guessing to many from other cultures as well. It comes to a close with a scene that never fails to leave me with a heavy lump in my chest.

I hope you have a chance to enjoy this lovely look at some of the different types of success that we can experience in this world:

Everything is more beautiful when we remember that we are mortal.

To those who regularly choose to spend time with their loved ones, especially their elders, we salute you.


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Lovely :)
(and deep)

precious. and shared :)

What a wonderful reminder of how we should treat our elders and those around us.


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