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Exercises for Mobility and Functional Strength

Mobility Exercise Progressions for Upper Body Strength

Day 6: Upper Body Strength

Leaning Rows:

Seated Dips:

Core-Centered Push-ups:

How to Develop Your False Grip for Ring Work: Read more


Mobility Exercise Progressions for Balance, Agility, and Core Strength

Day 5: Balance and Core Strength

Arch and Hollow:

Posterior and Anterior Pelvic Tilt:

Straight Leg Raises:

Forearm Plank Pose: Read more


Mobility Exercise Progressions for Upper Body Mobility, Including Hanging and Swinging Drills

Day 4: Upper Body Mobility, Including Hanging and Swinging

German Arm Swings:

Chinese Arm Circles:

Band Exercises:

Supine Arm Circles: Read more


Mobility Exercise Progressions for Lower Body Strength

Day 3: Lower Body Strength


Supported Single Leg Squats:

Cruciate Ligament Squats:

Medial Ligament Squats: Read more


Mobility Exercise Progressions for the Spine

Day 2: Mobility of the Spine and Core Strength


Spinal Skipping Rope:

Rocking Cobra:

Unilateral Modified Bridge: Read more


Mobility Exercise Progressions for the Lower Extremities and Hips

DAY 1: Mobility of Lower Extremities and Hips

Ankle Raises:

Ankle Plantar Flexion Stretch:

Squatted Seiza:

Ankle Dorsiflexion: Read more


Mobility Exercise Progressions

Before taking your body through mobility exercises, I think it's helpful to foam roll all of your major muscle groups. If you can use a specific foam rolling routine to follow, please feel free to have a look at the basic regimen that I do daily:

Foam Rolling Routine Read more


A Look at Some Wonderfully Helpful Mobility Specialists Around the World

One of the big joys of my life over the past several years has been the gradual but lasting improvement that I have experienced in my overall mobility.

I was quite active athletically throughout my youth, but for most of my 20s and until I hit about 35, grad school, building 3 clinics, and creating our website had me working almost non-stop, leaving very little time to care for my physical health. Read more


6 Mobility Exercises that Improve Back Extension

With many of us sitting for long stretches during our daily lives, almost all of us can benefit from regular mobility work to restore extension through the spine, mainly the thoracic spine.

Sitting and working with our arms in front of us also tends to rob us of healthy flexion of our shoulder joints - that is, our ability to raise our arms up in front of us and overhead.

So it's no surprise that most people living in first world nations today eventually experience back and shoulder pain. Read more


Mobility and Functional Strength Routine

What follows is a suggested routine that most people can do over 20 to 30 minutes on a daily basis to improve overall mobility and functional strength. Please keep the following tips in mind:

  • Let your body be your guide - only try movements that you feel capable of doing without hurting yourself. Even a few inches of movement (amplitude) and one or two repetitions of any of the exercises below will lead to some benefit.




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