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Review of Textured Yoga Wheels by FitBeast

To learn more about these textured yoga wheels by FitBeast, please feel free to visit:

This is a series of textured yoga wheels that can be used in a number of ways to enhance mobility.

The small and medium wheels can be used as foam rollers for most body parts. The knobs on the roller are firm enough to provide therapeutic pressure but have enough give to be comfortable.

The largest wheel is convenient for when you want to be a little higher off the ground, like when rolling out the quads and hip flexors.

I like the option of using different size wheels as a base for each of my legs while doing some work in a plank position, which encourages more adaptation by core muscles, especially the obliques.

While in a plank position, you can do push-ups while maintaining a tight core. You can also try unilateral hip extensions - even a few inches to a foot of amplitude is effective in conditioning the glutes, lower back, and abs.

The medium and large size wheels can also be used to roll your spine out and hold modified bridge positions to improve spinal mobility, counter-act slouching, and promote better posture.

To learn more about these textured yoga wheels by FitBeast, please feel free to visit:

Or you can visit the FitBeast website directly.


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