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Thought of the Moment

We don't want to lose weight - we want to lose fat.

If health and longevity are priorities, we don't want to blindly lose weight. We want to lose fat while preserving as much skeletal muscle as possible. Read more


The purity of children

The soul is healed by being with children.

― Fyodor Dostoyevsky Read more



Today, there is an epidemic of what psychotherapists call "the worried well" - people whose basic needs for survival are more than being met, but who are handicapped by depression and anxiety. Some might think that this is a stretch, but I wonder if widespread adoption of mirrors was ground zero, the harbinger of an epidemic of partial paralysis from issues related to self-actualization. If we weren't hyper-aware of what we physically look like, would we be as anxious, vain, jealous, petty, afraid, and covetous as we can be at times? Read more


My child...

My child isn’t my easel to paint on. Nor my diamond to polish.
My child isn’t my trophy to share with the world. Nor my badge of honor.
My child isn’t an idea, an expectation, or a fantasy. Nor my reflection
or legacy.
My child isn’t my puppet or a project. Nor my striving or desire.
My child is here to fumble, stumble, try, and cry. Learn and mess up.
Fail and try again. Listen to the beat of a drum faint to our adult ears.
And dance to a song that revels in freedom. My task is to step aside.
Read more


Lasting rewards

All lasting rewards come from being of service to others. Read more


A Truly Good Friend

If you ever have to wonder if someone is a truly good friend or not, know that having to wonder is your answer. When you have a truly good friend, there will be no doubt. Read more


The Peril of Gossiping

When a person has been deeply hurtful or harmful to us, our wound creates a need to tell others about how we were mistreated. In such moments, let’s remember that what we say about others says a lot about us. Whatever relief we may feel in the moment of venting is accompanied by the listener losing trust in our integrity. Read more


Being free

Being free doesn't mean owning nothing.

Being free is when nothing owns you. Read more


Restraint With Words

Words unsaid never come back to haunt you.

- Virginia Dickey Read more


What to Invest In

When it comes to your skills, invest in your strengths.

When it comes to your qualities, invest in your weaknesses.

- Jay Shetty Read more