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To You, By Yoona Im


English Translation:

Isn't it so different?
Unfamiliar flowers
Look at me and say hello

Isn't it so unique?
Everyone is different
Names, shapes, faces

What kind of air was I
To you?
Will you remember me?
Until we meet again.

When I close my eyes
Everything becomes more clear, clear enough to touch.
Please be happy
Until we meet again.


참 이상하지
낯선 꽃들이
날 보며 인살 건네

참 특별한 일
이름도 모양도
모두 다른 얼굴

난 너에게
어떤 공기가 되어 줬을까
나를 기억해 주겠니
또 다시 만나 안녕

눈 감으면
모든 게 손에 닿듯 선명해져
많이 행복해 주겠니
또 다시 만나 안녕


Cham isanghaji
Nasseon kkotteuri
Nal bomyeo insal geonne

Cham teukbyeolhan il
Ireumdo moyangdo
Modu dareun eolgul

Nan neoyege
Eotteon gonggiga dweeo jweosseulkka
Nareul gieokae jugenni
Tto dashi manna annyeong

Nun gameumyeon
Modeun ge sone dateut seonmyeonghaejeo
Mani haengbokae jugenni
Tto dashi manna annyeong


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