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Unforgettable Moments With Our Children

In late April of this year, my wife and I experienced a very brief but magical moment with our toddler son during an evening stroll by a local lake. On a whim, I mentioned our unforgettable moment in the closing section of an issue of my natural health newsletter. Because so many of our readers wrote in to thank me for sharing that experience, I thought I would post it here in my blog, and follow it up with a handful of letters from readers who brightened my day with their own memories of their children at play.


This past weekend, my wife and I took our 22-month old
son to a lake near our home. Just coming out of a
long, cold winter, it was the first time we took him
to the water in about half a year.

From the second we got to the edge of the lake and
began our stroll, our son couldn't take his eyes off
the slow, rolling waves as they lapped up against
large rocks that lined our walking path. Whenever a
light gust of wind touched his soft, round cheeks, he
let out his famous little chuckle, giving us a perfect
view of his cute chiclets. It was so much fun to see
how a simple stroll by the lake at sunset was this
thrilling experience for him.

About 20 minutes into our walk, while holding him
against my chest and abdomen so that we were close to
being face to face, without any warning and with a big
grin on his face, our son embraced both sides of my
face with his chubby little paws, pulled me forward a
bit, and planted a kiss right on my lips. For a
second or two, I was too surprised to understand what
had happened. But as my wife's laughter brought me
back to full consciousness, I started crowing
nonsensically about how happy our son was. I really
don't think I can find the words to describe how happy
we were to see our son so happy that he just had to
kiss his dad.

Well, it was such an unexpected and great moment in my
life that I thought I'd share it here. Maybe it's
because it's late at night as I type this newsletter
and no one is awake for me to tell this story to

In any case, I wish you the kind of happiness that my
family felt this weekend in the near future.


Dr. Kim,
That was just a great newsletter. My grandson kissed me like that one time. I was playing "animal dominos" with him and he jumped up and ran around the game and gave me a kiss. Tender moments. He's 24 now, and chasing the girls.

Thank you for this newsletter.



I loved the little "Kiss" your baby gave you - nothing like it!! Ellie, our 4 year old grand baby is full of personality - her Poppa was babysitting her and her three brothers and all three of her brothers were getting on her nerves - she looked up at Poppa and said, "Poppa you are the best boy I have ever met." Of course Poppa melted!! Children are certainly a blessing from Heaven!



Dr. Kim,

Thanks for sharing the touching story of your time at the lake with your son. It brought tears to my eyes. It also brought back to memory the time I was taking care of my sister's adopted daughter (China). She was so ecstatic to see her mom come home from work that she did the same thing to her - put her hands on each side of her face, put her forehead to her mom's forehead, and then kiss her. There was so much love and affection evident - and true happiness - that it will forever be etched in my mind. To know that she was rescued from who knows what and had found complete contentment in my sister's home was a real answer to many prayers.

Pat Odell


Dr. Kim,

I was so touched that you shared the beautiful joy your son experienced by the lake. I have loved being a parent more than anything I have done in life. Your son might always be "soothed by water" is why I say this.

I remember the day my 9-month old daughter sat by the patio window and watched it rain. She had looked like she had made a wonderful discovery. I could do nothing that whole morning but watch her watch the rain. I will never forget that look of joy on her face. She seemed to become aware of nature and the gift living water is.

She is now 23 years old and teaches 1st grade in the inner city of Chicago. She sees great sadness thru her job. She lives by Lake Michigan and walks the lakefront whenever she can. In her childhood she overcame asthma thru competitive swimming...(and also walked in every rain shower and jumped in any puddle that I'd allow her to!). She tells me that on stressful days she always soaks in a bath before bed. Out of all my children this daughter has always loved water, been soothed by water, and simply just NEEDS water.

Blessings to you and your family,
Sue Meier


What a delightful story about you and your son at the Lake near your home! I remember those very moments (so very many of them) when my son was a baby.

I, fortunately took the time to enjoy his youth with him and to spend as many moments with him as I could while he was young. Now, all that I can seem to recall of his youth are those wonderful moments shared with him, and his fascination with the simple beauty of his surroundings. He always was so fascinated by water and became a State Champion swimmer in high school.

He is now 36 years old and a family physician in San Diego and we still have that "Heart" connection that we had when he was a baby...I think largely because I took the time to just be with him and know him as he was growing up.

Lilliana Trinchero


If you have a baby story that you'd like to share, please use the comments section below. A big thank you to all the parents who wrote in with their precious memories.


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