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This past March, we almost lost our dad as he struggled with complications that arose from colon surgery.

Just before he was taken away for emergency open abdominal surgery, in thinking that there was a good chance he wouldn't make it, while fighting back tears, his last words to my mom were "수고했어," which translates to "you did a good job," but can be a way of saying thank you. Read more


When Someone Hurts You


In sharing thoughts on being more physically active to help transcend chronic anger, bitterness, or anxiety over things we can't control, I received a few notes asking for specific guidance on what to do when deeply hurt by a family member or friend. Read more


Why We Have To Move


For those who have never experienced crippling anxiety, depression, grief, or rage, it may not be obvious that there are times in life when it seems like we cannot change things for the better. Read more


Reverse and Prevent Slouching

In order to have healthy joints as we age, it's essential that we actively take our major joints through their full range of motion every day. Read more


Finding Clarity In Darkness


It's long been said that a healthy person wants a thousand things, while someone who is ill wants just one thing.

A friend once shared that it was only after he lost his eyesight when he realized what was truly important to him, and all that he could do without. Read more


Running Out Of Time

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In Korea, when someone is deemed terminally ill, rather than use these words, it's said that they are "running out of time." Read more


The Magic of Doing Good Work


Today, it's popular advice to say do what you love, do what you like, do what you have genuine interest in. Read more


Clues To How Balanced We Are


Our outlook on life is always in flux and primarily influenced by two voices: our inner voice, as well as our outer voice that is a collective of all of the thoughts that we take in from the world. Read more


What We Need Most


Imagine being in your 40s and deciding that after years of immense suffering, you have little choice but to get divorced. You come from an orthodox Christian family. You have children who will be devastated. And now you have to break the news to your parents who you know will be wrecked by the news. Read more


The Heart Needs Time To Heal


I'll always remember the story I read long ago about a young man who was chased off a cliff by a hungry tiger. Read more




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