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Asking For Help


Back in 2001, while eating dinner with a friend in Seoul, an elderly woman silently walked in and placed a chocolate bar on every table. My friend, in seeing that I was unsure of what was happening, explained that she was a poor grandmother who was looking for income selling chocolate, and that she would come by again in a few minutes to collect money. Read more


Squatting for Improved Mobility, Balance, and Digestion

You’ve probably heard that sitting is the new smoking.

The average adult in first world nations sits for more than 9 hours a day. Read more


How to Do My Favourite Squat For Better Balance, Hip Mobility, and Leg Strength at Any Age

One of the most effective ways of maximizing our longevity is to maintain optimal balance, leg strength, and hip mobility - this is a quick look at my favourite exercise that allows us to improve and maintain all three. Read more


2023 Gift Ideas

With Thanksgiving in the States quickly approaching, as per tradition, I've put together a list of gift ideas from items that I've personally purchased over 2023 and can vouch for:

Foldable Yoga Mats: I took two of these to carry with me when I went to Korea, as they are easy to transport via suitcase and backpack:

Foldable Yoga Mat

Amazon Canada: Foldable Yoga Mat Read more


The Epley Maneuver - A Simple Treatment for One Type of Vertigo

From Our Mailbag:

I woke up with vertigo. I read it's ear-related and I did have some pain in one ear after my run a few nights ago...but otherwise no issues. Thoughts?


Hopefully, it was just dizziness that you experienced from over-exertion and dehydration. Read more


Beautiful Connections


The other day, hearing some of our older son's thoughts on making good friends led me to reflect on what I've learned over the years about making beautiful connections with others. Read more


Why We Want To Take Care Of Others


A longtime reader recently shared this:

"My Grandfather used to tell me that if you give people too much, they will secretly hate you." Read more



This past March, we almost lost our dad as he struggled with complications that arose from colon surgery.

Just before he was taken away for emergency open abdominal surgery, in thinking that there was a good chance he wouldn't make it, while fighting back tears, his last words to my mom were "수고했어," which translates to "you did a good job," but can be a way of saying thank you. Read more


When Someone Hurts You


In sharing thoughts on being more physically active to help transcend chronic anger, bitterness, or anxiety over things we can't control, I received a few notes asking for specific guidance on what to do when deeply hurt by a family member or friend. Read more


Why We Have To Move


For those who have never experienced crippling anxiety, depression, grief, or rage, it may not be obvious that there are times in life when it seems like we cannot change things for the better. Read more




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