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A Simple Quiz That Reveals Your Natural Strengths


In caring for our health and relationships, I find value in understanding our innate level of happiness and natural strengths.

Dr. Albert Brooks uses a simple 20-question quiz to determine one's natural level of happiness, and what types of personalities mesh well.

You can find the quiz by scrolling down to about mid-page here:

After taking the quiz, you will know which of the four dispositions best describes you:

Mad Scientist


Being a Cheerleader means you feel positive emotions more deeply than negative emotions. As a Cheerleader, you tend to be optimistic and a consistent source of happiness for those around you. People generally enjoy your presence.

Because Cheerleaders don't connect deeply with negative emotions, rather than give heartfelt empathy, they tend to give "rosy advice" to others. Fueled by an up-only spirit, Cheerleaders tend to be less sensitive to others' distress.

The complementary profile to a Cheerleader is a Poet - someone who tends to experience negative emotions more deeply than positive emotions. Poets can help Cheerleaders address the realities of negative situations, while Cheerleaders can remind Poets that there are likely brighter days ahead.

Mad Scientist

Being a Mad Scientist means that you tend to deeply feel both positive and negative emotions. When things are going well, you feel like you're flying. When things aren't going so well, you carry a gloomy aura.

Mad Scientists are generally seen as being extroverted, passionate about what they do, naturally curious, and adventure-seekers.

Mad Scientists also tend to make decisions rashly - when things are going well, they can be overconfident and throw caution to the wind; when things aren't going well, they walk with a dark cloud above them.

The complementary profile to a Mad Scientist is a Judge - someone who tends to experience positive and negative emotions in a reserved way. A Judge friend can help a Mad Scientist look at things with more rationality, while a Mad Scientist can help a Judge experience the joys of being carefree and experiencing more of what life has to offer.


As a Poet, you tend to feel negative emotions more deeply than positive emotions.

Being highly aware of the emotional vibration of most situations, Poets tend to be good listeners and highly empathetic friends. They are good at identifying things that can go wrong. Poets are generally creative and successful in the arts.

Feeling negative emotions more deeply than positive ones, Poets tend to be anti-social and pessimistic, to a point where they can be depressing to be around.

The complementary profile to a Poet is a Cheerleader, someone who can bring more positivity into a Poet's life. A Poet can help a Cheerleader be more realistic and capable of making rational decisions.


As a Judge, you tend to be even-keeled and reserved, Because you don't intensely feel positive or negative emotions, you don't experience wild fluctuations in your mood.

Judges tend to move with care and deliberation, and have excellent critical thinking skills - these qualities make them good at giving helpful and unbiased advice.

Being deliberate and meticulous, Judges tend to be excessively risk-averse, which can cause them to miss out on beneficial opportunities. Judges often have trouble trying new things.

The complementary profile to a Judge is a Mad Scientist, who can encourage a Judge to have life-enhancing experiences that would otherwise be missed. On the other hand, a Judge can help a Mad Scientist find healthier balance in their views and choices.

Once again, you can find the quiz to determine which of these dispositions is closest to yours by scrolling to about mid-page here:

I hope you and those in your circle of life find this exercise worthwhile.


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