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Backpack Recipes with Babish - Fluffy Pancakes and Asian Dumplings

On most weekends, I tend to make French toast or pancakes for the family, and over time, I've found that I can make fluffy pancakes by gently folding in egg whites and being careful not to over-mix - Babish demonstrates this in his usual brilliant fashion. The recipe I use is about the same as what's shown in this video, only I use unsweetened almond milk instead of buttermilk.

On the pork dumplings, I also use the same method shown by Babish - to lightly brown the first side the dumplings are laid down on, and once browned, to add a bit of water or broth and cover to steam the rest of the way. This produces a nice contrast of textures between the browned side and the rest of the steamed dumpling while ensuring that everything inside gets properly cooked.

Two awesome cooking tips rolled into one video - thank you Babish!


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