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Artisana Coconut and Nut Butters

Until a few months ago, I was under the impression that coconut oil and coconut butter are the same thing. So I was one surprised chap when I tried a coconut butter product made by a company called Artisana.

I now know that true coconut butter is made by carefully blending whole coconut meat - when done properly, the result is a sweet, creamy butter that has the wonderful fragrance of coconut oil, along with healthy protein and fiber that naturally occur in coconut.

I continue to feel that premium virgin coconut oil is an excellent food choice, the best oil to cook with, and one of the healthiest, all-natural skin and hair moisturizers that we can use.

But if you enjoy eating fresh coconuts for their many health benefits, I highly encourage you to try Artisana raw, organic coconut butter.

I was so impressed with my first taste of Artisana coconut butter that I ordered a number of other products from their line for testing.

Here is a look at my other favorites from Artisana's line:

Amazon Bliss - a decadent spread made with fresh coconut butter, acai berries, raw chocolate, goji berries, and yacon root.

Cacao Bliss - another coconut butter-based spread, but with raw, organic chocolate and cacao butter. Think healthy version of nutella.

Raw Organic Tahini - perfect for making tahini sauce and dressings, hummus, and halvah.

Raw Organic Cashew Butter - smooth and creamy, perfect for eating with apple slices, or using as a healthy substitute for peanut butter.

I'm happy to offer these Artisana products at our natural health shop because of their exceptional quality and value. And I always like to encourage our readers to find healthy substitutes for conventional, disease-promoting snacks like cookies and various baked goods.

If snacking on unhealthy foods is hurting your health and quality of life, I encourage you to spend just three months eating nothing but one or more of the foods in our natural health shop whenever you feel like snacking. If you commit to doing this, I'm confident that you'll be pleasantly surprised with measurable improvements in your health.

To see all of the Artisana products that we carry, view:

Artisana Raw, Organic Coconut and Nut Butters


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