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Sourdough French Toast With Blueberries and Maple Syrup

Here's a look at a fresh batch of French toast that I made over the weekend, served with blueberries and real maple syrup. I used traditionally fermented sourdough bread from a local bakery and eggs from free range birds.

For those who are gluten intolerant, it may be worth trying traditionally fermented sourdough bread, as fermentation makes gluten far easier to digest. Michael Pollan explains this beautifully in his book called Cooked.


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Anyone interested in this or any traditional cooking methods should also visit the traditional cooking school website created by Wardeh Harmon. Creating and keeping a sourdough starter is super easy and fun!

Dear Dr.Ben! If you can share the link to the cooking school, would be grateful. I have been making home bread for a year now, from my homemade starter but always interested in other recipes. If you can share more recipes involving fermentation, it would be grand! Thank you, yours faithfully

Hello Irene,

Thank you for your message. I was referring to Michael Pollan's book called Cooked, which is available here:

If you type "kim chi" into the search box up top, you will find two recipes that I hope you will enjoy.

Thanks, Dr. Kim, for mentioning sourdough! Many Americans have huge sweet teeth, so I noticed that most bakeries' version of sourdough is "watered down" (fermented less, so that it's not very sour) to be more palatable. I have found, however, that Trader Joe's "San Francisco Style" sourdough is thoroughly fermented (more so than the other variety they sell, which is milder). If the bread isn't distinctively sour, it hasn't been fermented enough. Thoroughly fermented sourdough will have holes in it from fermentation, and lots of them! :)