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Organic Mattress Reviews: Silk & Snow, Essentia Tatami, and Essentia Stratami

Over the years, many have asked me to recommend a mattress that is well suited for those looking to optimize their sleep.

As most might imagine, it's exceedingly difficult to recommend one mattress type for everyone since individual needs vary according to health history, current health status, and if one is sharing a bed with another person or sleeping solo.

With that said, I had the opportunity to test 3 different organic mattresses over the past 12 months and am happy to share my findings.

1. Silk & Snow Organic Mattress

The Silk & Snow Organic Mattress uses similar technology to that of all of the leading pocketed coil-based mattresses that I've researched on the market.

As with other top organic mattresses, this one by Silk & Snow is exceptionally supportive without being uncomfortably firm. It is made with a 2.5" layer of certified organic latex as well as Joma wool from New Zeland which acts as a natural fire retardant that is free of chemicals. It also has a 100% organic cotton cover.

The pocketed spring coils are quite effective in reducing motion transfer i.e. the impact of partner movement on the other side of the bed.

And a feature that really stands out is the firm edging which prevents sagging when sitting or lying on any of its edges.

The queen size is quite thick and heavy, weighing in at 92 pounds, so it's essential that multiple people are available to move and unpack this mattress even though it comes rolled up and vacuum sealed in a long rectangular cube-like box.

Of the three organic mattresses I reviewed, this one by Silk & Snow is the least expensive but still comes with a solid 15-year warranty as well as a 100-night risk-free guarantee.

2. Essentia Tatami Organic Mattress

The Essentia Tatami Organic Mattress has an organic cotton cover, 1 inch of natural memory foam, plus 7 inches of natural support foam made of latex. The Essentia company believes that they have the most allergy-friendly organic mattresses on the market primarily because beyond using only organic materials, they don't include wool as a fire retardant, as they contend that wool can harbour dust mites.

I find the Tatami to be exceptionally comfortable and supportive. I've not yet had a chance to use it during hot summer months, but my instinct is that it would not run uncomfortably warm.

I like that the Tatami is not as thick (tall) as the Silk & Snow. In the box, it didn't feel as heavy to me as the Silk & Snow but it weighs in at 99 pounds - perhaps having a thinner profile than the Silk & Snow made it easier to handle and carry, though I definitely needed the help of one of our sons to move it around.

Because the Tatami is mostly foam, it's important to set it up on the bedframe that it will lie on, as excessive moving of the mattress after it has been released from its vacuum-sealed state may lead to tearing of the memory foam.

The Tatami comes with a 20-year warranty. The company also offers a 120-night guarantee, though they charge a 9% fee on all returns and exchanges, not an insignificant amount given the hefty initial price tag.

3. Essential Stratami Organic Mattress

The Essentia Stratami Organic Mattress is essentially one step up from the Tatami described above and also weighs in at around 100 pounds.

The primary difference is that the Stratami is made with a 5-inch layer of natural foam plus another 3-inch layer of natural foam that is dome-shaped along its length - the repeating pattern of dome-shaped foam is likely intended to facilitate better air flow than a traditional flat layer of foam.

Though the dome-shaped surface of the Stratami doesn't feel obtrusive, after sleeping on it for several nights, I can say that I prefer the flat foam of the Tatami. I woke up feeling more refreshed on the Tatami, and the only reason I can attribute this to is the dome-shaped top layer of the Stratami.

The Stratami also comes with a 20-year warranty plus a 120-night guarantee with the condition of trying the mattress for a full 120 nights and a 9% exchange or return fee.

Concluding Thoughts:

None of the three mattresses had noticeable off-gassing upon unpacking. All are about equal in minimizing motion transfer from one part of the mattress to another.

The Silk & Snow is considerably thicker (taller) and better suited for people who like to sleep higher up than those who prefer to have a lower bed.

If I had to choose one among the three, I would go with the Essentia Tatami if my budget allowed for it, as it left me feeling most refreshed after several nights of testing, though the Silk & Snow was also excellent in this regard. My personal preference is to sleep lower to the ground, which is another reason why I would go with the thinner profile Tatami.


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