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Clues To How Balanced We Are


Our outlook on life is always in flux and primarily influenced by two voices: our inner voice, as well as our outer voice that is a collective of all of the thoughts that we take in from the world.

In today's society, it's natural for our collective outer voice to overpower our inner voice.

What is the zeitgeist of your outer voice? It's quite simple to assess. Read through the last 5 personal text messages received on your phone and the last 5 personal e-mails in your inbox. If you use YouTube, load it up and take a glance at the first 5 videos that are recommended by Google's algorithm. Finally, if you have Instagram, open it and click on the search magnifying glass to see what their algorithm presents as posts that you will most likely find worth taking in.

There you have it. The best of artificial intelligence and personal messages from people who you are likely closest to letting you quickly surmise the content of your collective outer voice these days.

What makes up your inner voice? It's best represented by the thoughts and feelings that emerge when you pray, meditate, write in your journal, or just take time to reflect during a period of rest.

My view is that both our inner and outer voices are essential to our existence. But it's important that we strive to find a healthy balance between both voices.

When our outer voice becomes dominant, we begin to lose our sense of self, and our inner compass begins to malfunction whereby it becomes difficult to rely on our intuition to help us navigate through life.

When our inner voice becomes dominant, which can happen if we close ourselves off from the world, we can become stagnant and lose opportunities to experience the joys of companionship and personal growth.

As with almost everything in life, the key is to strive to balance our inner and outer voices.

How can you tell if you are finding a healthy balance? Some clues are presence or absence of laughter, sleep quality, and if you wake up looking forward to the day ahead or not.


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