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Slomo: The Man Who Got Away to Real Freedom

Many thanks to Lucy and Shelby for sharing Slomo's story with me. I trust it will inspire and uplift some out there.

For a written piece on Dr. John Kitchin, aka Slomo, please view:

'Slomo' by Josh Izenberg at The New York Times


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I live in Pacific Beach and used to roller blade exactly where Slomo blades.
Being calm is the best state of mind for the majority of one's life. I am glad that Slomo has attained that state. What bugs me is the part BEFORE he reached this state is what allows him to do what he does. He was a neurologist! He made a boat-load of money, owned property in a very expensive part of town (La Jolla), owned expensive cars, etc. As my German grandmother would say, Money does not make you happy, but it calms.
My children go to a diverse school. Most of the children who are bussed in will NEVER attain a state of calm because they have insecurities every minute: financial, food, safety, future, etc. How does one plan for the future when one is just trying to get through the day in a state of panic? My husband and I are both college-educated and it is difficult to save money for emergencies, car repairs, college for our children, retirement (who can retire?!), food (especially healthy food), etc.
Slomo had lots of luck combined with hard work to be where he is.
What would be most impressive to me would be how Slomo is giving BACK to his community where he was able to attain such riches that he can now just be.
How is Slomo helping others? He is just helping himself.
My husband and I both serve on two different non-profit boards for free. I am a parent and a substitute teacher at my children's schools. I give more than my time-card shows because helping others is why we are here.

I hope that people who read about Slomo do not envy his choice of lifestyle, but, instead, desire to reach that state of mind, always, and use it to help others.

Im a getting better alcoholic, Im a pensioner,I am finding spiritual solutions. Im 75 years ,Im goin to buy roller blades.....negatives of any sort do not move me....Slomo is happy, he inspires (ME!).......he inspires many (young folks) they dont care about his is the only answer...........
I cannot judge with negativity ....Slomo is a bloody ripper!! Doug from Aus......... (the world cries out for positivity in spite of!!!!)