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How to Take Food Powders for Optimal Absorption

Q.: Dr. Kim, recently, you have indicated that the best results can be obtained by taking your Acerola Cherry Powder and Greens on an empty stomach.

As a daily user of both products, which I love by the way, I would like to understand what evidence supports this and specifically for how long I should refrain from eating after taking the products on a empty stomach?

Thank you.

-- Michele


Hi there Michele,

Thank you for your e-mail.

All of my thoughts on the greens and cherry powder and their effectiveness is based on experiential evidence i.e. what I have experienced with my own body, and what I have observed in people who have used these products for a significant length of time.

The benefits that I see most frequently in folks who take these whole food supplements are as follows:


  • Normalization of bowel movements

  • Improved energy

  • Improved skin tone

  • Improved blood circulation in extremities

  • Less allergies (seasonal)

Acerola Cherry Powder:

  • Stronger teeth and gums

  • Less frequent colds

  • Quicker healing of wounds (in folks who have challenges with chronic, recurrent wounds)

I have found that these benefits occur when these powders are taken on their own, and also when they are taken with or after eating other foods. But I've been noticing that people tend to report more immediate and obvious benefits when they take these powders (mixed with a liquid) on an empty stomach.

After you take the powders with a beverage of your choice, you can eat solid foods right away, as pure liquids pretty much go straight to your small intestine, to be absorbed into your bloodstream. Any food that you eat after taking the powders in liquid form shouldn't impede absorption of the powders into your system.

Just a reminder: be sure to thoroughly blend or vigorously shake the powders with a liquid before consuming, as this will ensure that you get the most benefits per tablespoon.

When I don't blend the powders into a smoothie, I combine them with liquid in a thermos with a tight lid and shake for at least 10 to 20 seconds to ensure a good mix.

The most current version of our green food formula is micro-pulverized like never before - it's just about as fine as baby powder, which makes it super easy to absorb.

For more guidance on using whole food powders to promote your best health, please feel free to view:

Guide to Using Whole Food Vitamins and Minerals to Support Your Health

With best wishes,

Ben Kim


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Dr. Kim,

I wanted to let you know that I started using the Acerola Cherry Powder about 7 months ago, because I had read it would improve gum health. At my dental check up right before that, I had a few pockets in my gum tissue that measured a 4 on the probe they use at my dentist. I had been told 1-3 is healthy and 4+ is not healthy. I had had some minor issues with my gum tissue receding and some bleeding. So, I decided to try your Acerola Cherry Powder for 6 months until my next check-up and see if it made a difference. (I was already using the greens.) I am happy to report that at my check-up last month, my gum tissue was significantly healthier. The hygienist and dentist both noticed and commented on the improvement. I didn't have any pockets above a 3 this time and not many of those. They have a tiny camera that they use to take pictures of the gum tissue and they showed me on the screen the difference in my gum health in 6 months time and it was very visibly noticeable. I told them that the only thing I had done differently was taking the natural Vitamin C in the form of your Acerola Cherry Powder. The dentist didn't believe that the Vitamin C could be the only reason for the improvement and said I must be brushing differently or doing something else without realizing it. She can believe that if she wants, but I know it is because of the Vitamin C supplement. I have told several friends and family members about it in the past few weeks. Thank you for a great product.

Thanks for sharing the good news, Lynn. It's impossible to say with certainty that the natural vitamin C is what helped your gums, but I can tell you that I've heard back from others who have experienced similar results, and since the cherry powder can do little but promote good overall health at worst, I typically recommend it to folks who want extra support for their teeth and gums.

Kudos to you and your gums. :)

Ben Kim

Hi Dr. Kim,

Mostly, I have been using the Greens powder and Vit. C powder in my morning smoothie, using a medicinal tea as a base. I've been adding other ingred. as well (coconut oil, ground flax, tahini, bee pollen, hemp seeds, etc.). I've just received your hemp protein powder with cacao and maca, so two questions come to mind:

1. Do you think mixing the greens and Vit C into warm (not hot) medicinal tea (like Bija Deep Cleanse, or Milk thistle, etc.) would still be beneficial for quicker results or would you recommend using only water or veg juice?

2. Do you recommend that the protein powder also be taken "simply" with only water (or juice, etc.) or do you think it's still effective to have it in my smoothie combo? Would it be ok to mix the greens, Vit C and protein powder together and still have the best absorption and utilization, or keep the greens/Vit C and the protein powder separate?

Many thanks,

P.S. Just tried your mulberries for the first time - all I can say is "YUMMMMMM!"

Hi there Marsha,

I think taking the greens and cherry powder with a warm or hot drink, mixed with other healthy ingredients, can definitely produce positive effects with your health. Though to ensure that you benefit from all heat-sensitive elements found in raw whole food powders, it's good practice to refrain from using boiling water.

Ideally, I feel that it's best to take the protein powders apart from the greens and cherry powder, as the added fiber content of the protein powders may decrease overall absorption of the greens and cherry powder ever so slightly.

But any decrease in absorption of the greens and cherry powder is likely negligible, so if combining all powders in the same drink is the only reasonably convenient way for you to benefit from these foods, then I say mix them all together.

There are days when I take the greens and cherry powder on their own, and there are days when I combine everything, including protein powder, bananas, fresh berries, and non-dairy milk. I go with how I'm feeling, and how active I've been. I find that I crave more protein density in my drinks after playing sports.

Hope this helps. Glad that you are digging the mulberries. :)

Ben Kim