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Red Beet Salad Recipe to Promote Longevity

I'm constantly on the lookout for recipes that call for raw red beets, as these root vegetables contain a variety of nutrients that can help prevent heart disease and certain types of cancer, especially colon cancer. Red beets are also rich in B vitamins, including folate, which makes them useful for preventing birth defects.

This past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find a raw red beet salad recipe in a book called Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family Cookbook, written by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver. Jamie's recipe calls for horseradish, something that I am not a fan of, so I tweaked it a bit and came up with a mix of ingredients that worked for me.

Please note: The cancer-fighting pigment that gives beets their rich red color is called betacyanin. If you eat red beets on a regular basis and notice a red tinge to your urine or stools, there is no need to worry, as this simply indicates that your body is receiving plenty of a good thing.

Enjoy the many health benefits of the following raw red beet salad recipe:


Small bunch of red beets, washed and peeled
Large handful of chopped flat-leaf parsley
Extra-virgin olive oil
Fresh lemon or lime juice
Sea salt and pepper


Use a vegetable peeler or a mandolin vegetable slicer to transform the bulky beets into really thin slices.

Add parsley. Then add extra-virgin olive oil, lemon or lime juice, and sea salt and pepper to taste. Give this salad a good toss, and enjoy it as a nutritious side dish to a hearty bowl of soup.

Note: I also tried making this salad with a bed of crisp romaine lettuce and avocado slices. The greens and avocado added substantial volume, and actually combined really well with the beets. If you're a bit apprehensive about eating a salad that is mostly raw red beets, I encourage you to add some romaine lettuce and/or avocado to the mix.

Please note: As long as you don't use salt, this recipe is suitable for the Full Body Cleanse program.


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This salad takes about 5 minutes to make.

Put peeled red beets and carrots (i don't peel the carrots, just wash them) into an electric chopper, add salt and pepper to taste, chop the ingredients for about 1 minute or less. Some water drops will make the chopping easier.

Empty the mixture into a bowl, add extra virgin olive oil and chopped parsley.

Red beet goes well also with sour cream (instead of olive oil).

Where I live, we don't have small bunches of red beet, I guess our 1 normal-sized beet makes your small bunch. So for 1 person, 1 "normal" beet and 2-3 small carrots are ok. Now guess what "small carrots" mean or me :-) Those who usually make salads can make it out :-)))

Dr. Kim,

In addition to eating beets in salads, I juice mine and guess what, you can throw in the horserandish into the juicer and you will not taste it especially if juicing a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Thanks for the recipe.

I LOVE horseradish. Is there anyway you can let me know what the receipe was like before you changed it. I would love to make it using horseradish. Thank you Ruthanne

Dear Doctor Kim,
Thank you for your excellent newsletter!

Here is my favourite Raw Beet recipe:-

400g Raw beetroot (about 2 large) peeled and quartered, roughly chopped
100g Carrot (one large) roughly chopped
1/4 small red spanish onion
1 small green onion in quarters
2 Tablespoons of fresh Coriander (Think you folks know it as Cilantro)
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
Juice 1/2 lemon
Place all in food processor and whizz until no large pieces remain!

Bev Jennings

This one is delicious and extremely easy. Shred beets, along with a dill pickle, in a food processor and enjoy!

I just made a recipe yesterday similar to the above only I used toasted almonds, apples, dried cranberries, 2 cloves of fresh garlic minced and red wine vinegar.

Here is one simple red beet salad recipe:

finely grate 2 CARROTS
finely grate 1 APPLE
finely grate 1 LARGE RED BEET or 2-3 SMALL RED BEETS
1 TSP OF OIL (hemp/olive/flax seed or similar)

mix well and eat

I love this salad! it is so tasty and excellent support for liver alkalizing the body!

I find it tastier with a bit of lemon juice.

Good day Dr. Kim,

Thank you for this great Beat recipe. I think it's very important to note, for those who would be trying Beats for the first time or adding it in greater quantities to their diets now by reading it's benefits, that their bowl movements will show up as Red/ dark red, and should not be alarmed by it.

My mom had a period of time when she added Beats to her diet and wasn't aware of it's "outcomes". Ended up in the hospital, due to alarm, and then had to retrace her steps and found that she had juiced beats in greater quantity that ever before, and there were "end results" pardon the pun.

Keep up the great work.