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Strep Throat, Cold, and Flu Tonic Recipe


Half a yellow onion, roughly chopped
5 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped
2 red chili peppers, roughly chopped
1 heaping tablespoon of ginger, roughly chopped
Juice of one lemon
Apple cider vinegar, preferably organic


Please consider wearing gloves if you have sensitive skin, and try not to rub your eyes as you put this tonic together, as some of the natural oils involved can lead to unhappy muttering.

1. Start with a 350 mL to 500 mL mason jar. Add roughly chopped onion.

2. Roughly chopped garlic next please.

3. Followed by red chili peppers, seeds and all.

4. Then chopped ginger - what a lovely hue of yellow in fresh ginger.

5. Add fresh lemon juice - what you can get out of one medium-size lemon. It's fine to substitute with lime if you wish.

6. Top off mason jar with apple cider vinegar, but leave about a cm of room at the top.

7. Cap your jar and leave on your counter or in a pantry for a day or two before refrigerating. Your sore throat, cold, and flu tonic is ready for use!

Take one teaspoon as often as you'd like. As a prophylactic tonic, one teaspoon each time you return from spending time around others is a good schedule. Or as a fast-acting remedy, in my experience, one tablespoon will often eliminate the beginnings of strep throat.

You can use remaining solid ingredients in your cooking, or you can blend the mixture up and continue to take by the teaspoon.

Please be aware that this strep throat, cold, and flu tonic has quite a bit of heat, so it's wise to err on the side of caution and use smaller amounts for young children and those who are highly sensitive to spicy foods.

To view a pictorial of this tonic recipe, please go here:

Cold and Flu Tonic


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Do you store this cold & flu tonic at room temperature? And how long does it keep?

I am wondering too if it will grow moldy. It does say to keep in the fridge if desired. It sounds like a nice idea.

How long can the jar sit in the pantry? Should it be refrigerated?

I have a similar question...does the tonic have to sit for a period of time before it is ready for use. If yes, how long?

This sounds really good. We make our version of fire cider using onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, and horse radish. Not only is it good as a tonic, but mixed with really good extra virgin olive oil it makes an incredible salad dressing. Dr. Kim's recipe sounds good with the lemon in there. And who doesn't like chili peppers?

Made this tonic yesterday, because several family members are coming down with a cold. Here is how I got the kids to eat it... Mash 1 avocado and add tablespoon of tonic, blend together and season with salt.

I made a formula similar to this a few weeks ago. The recipe I used calls for horseradish also. I didn't use the lemon juice. The recipe I used didn't call for it!