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A Clean Way To Peel Pomegranates

Have you ever wished that you knew of an easier way of peeling pomegranates? Or at the very least, a method of preparation that didn't leave small splashes of ruby red on your clothes?

Over the weekend, my mother and aunt showed my wife and me a great technique for peeling pomegranates that is much cleaner and more efficient than the painstaking and usually sticky method we have grown accustomed to over the years.

Here's what you do:

  1. Slice the top and bottom off a pomegranate and score the skin from top to bottom around the pomegranate every few inches, just as you would do to an orange to make it easy to peel.
  2. Dunk the scored pomegranate in a large basin of water and use your fingers to separate the arils (seeds) from the red skin and white membrane that surround the arils. Throw the hard bits of red skin away. Loose portions of white membrane will float to the surface, while the arils will sink to the bottom of the basin.
  3. Use your hands or a small strainer to scoop the white membrane bits off the surface of the water and discard them.
  4. Strain remaining water and arils. Voila! You are left with a whole pomegranate's worth of tasty and nutritious arils.

Enjoy this simple and clean method of peeling pomegranates. Few fruits provide the sheer concentration of antioxidants that pomegranates do. Eating them on a regular basis may offer protection against cardiovascular disease, prostate challenges, and other chronic, degenerative health challenges.


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Dr. Kim, I saw on a cooking show how to extra the seeds from the pomegranate. They peeled it half way, then held it over a bowl and tapped it on the end not peeled, with a spoon. The seeds fell out like you wouldn't believe. Now, I haven't tryed it as of yet, so I'm really anxious to see if it really works. The cook showed the audiance as he did it. If that doesn't work, I will try your way. I love the pomegranates, but it usually takes to long to get all the good stuff out of them. Happy eating!

Dear Norma,

i hope by now you would have tried the method. It really works, it's no magic. and its easy to. but we should remember to wear our apron or else the drops of juice that splash will stain our clothes during the process ;-)


I agree, putting them in water is easier than the pull it apart seed by seed method. But, you may want to invest $10 and get a deseeder. Check your local health food store or online has them pretty cheap. Makes life a lot simpler. Enjoy!