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Guided Visualization - Relax Into Your Best Weight and Health

For those who wish to try a session of guided visualization with a focus on naturally gravitating toward our best weight and health, this is a session that I wrote and recorded many years ago - it's best utilized when we are able to be in a quiet room and can rest on our own for a good 15 minutes or more.


Choose a quiet room, one that has the right amount of light or darkness for you to comfortably relax.
Sit or lie in a restful position, on a surface that allows your entire body to feel comfortable.
Now close your eyes. 

Take a few deep breaths – don’t force anything too strenuous or exaggerated. Just allow your lungs to fill up with fresh air, and upon each exhalation, feel your chest wall relax as you breathe out. 

After you take a few deep breaths and feel relaxed and comfortable, continue breathing in a relaxed manner, in through your nose, and out through your nose or mouth – whichever is more comfortable for you. 

Imagine lying on the prettiest beach in the world. There isn’t another person in sight – it’s your beach, yours to enjoy fully. 

Feel the soft, warm, white sand under your body – it’s more comfortable than the best mattress you’ve ever had.
You’re dressed in light cotton clothing, and you’re looking up at some wispy white clouds, drifting ever-so-slowly across the magnificent blue sky. 

Feel the greatness of the sky, how high it is, how free it is, how it stretches endlessly in every direction.
Continue to breathe in and out and allow your entire body to relax on your warm, soft, bed of white sand. 

There’s just enough sun to make you feel completely at ease and pleasantly warm. You feel the sun’s rays caressing your face, arms, hands, legs, feet. Your toes feel warm and free. 

As you’re drinking in the beauty of the sky with your eyes, you hear the gentle waves of the ocean lap up along the edge of the beach. With each wave that comes in, you feel a light, comfortable, refreshing breeze of fresh air. 

Relax and breath in and out, and with each breath in, feel the oxygen from the fresh ocean air fill your lungs. 

Feel the oxygen move into your blood through the bottom of your lungs, nourishing your blood and cells with good energy and health. As fresh oxygen from the warm ocean air travels through your body, feel the oxygen enter each cell. Feel the oxygen make each of your cells stronger, healthier. 

Continue to bathe your cells with fresh oxygen from the warm ocean air by breathing in and out. Relax and enjoy your beach. 

Now imagine your own child at 5 years of age. 

Imagine what your child looks like, what your child is wearing, what your child’s hair looks like. 

(long pause, 10 seconds) 

Imagine your child at your beach, all alone. Your child is lonely, lost, feeling sad and scared. 

Feel the enormous love that you have for your child. Feel your heart burn with love for your precious child. See your child’s face brighten as soon as you appear. See your child’s face burst into a brilliant smile as you run toward one another and you embrace your child. Feel your child’s arms wrap tightly around your neck and shoulders, hands holding onto your back with relief and surprising strength. 

Feel this great love and warmth between you and your child. 

And just as you sent fresh oxygen through your bloodstream to bathe all of your cells with good energy, send the love that you feel for your child through your entire body, right now. 

Feel this love moving down your chest, down your abdomen, through your arms, hands, pelvis, legs, and feet. 

Feel this love touch and enter every cell in your body. 

Remember that you, too, were once a small child who yearned for love and safety. 

Give yourself this love and safety right now. 

Now imagine yourself at your best weight. 

Imagine what your body looks like. 

Imagine the clothes that you are wearing. 

Imagine you getting ready to meet the person or people you love most. 

Think about what you would most enjoy with your loved one or loved ones, and imagine doing just this. 

You deserve this life. You deserve to feel healthy, strong, and beautiful. You know that your beauty shines forth from deep inside, where you feel love and compassion for many, including yourself. 

Feel your best weight and your best health course through your blood to touch each of your cells. Feel your cells come alive, feel your cells responding to your peaceful and meaningful life.

Now imagine an activity that you really enjoy. Maybe it’s playing a sport that you just love. Maybe it’s helping with some physically-demanding chores that an elderly loved one needs help with. 

(pause 5 seconds) 

Now imagine your healthy body and presence taking part in the activity that you enjoy. 

Feel the energy coursing through your body. 

Feel the strength of your muscles. 

Feel how agile your joints are. 

You feel like you can do anything. 

Your strength, energy, and flexibility are so good that nothing can stop you. Breathe in and out, and enjoy your physical skills. Enjoy having fun and helping a loved one with your strength and energy. 

Now imagine being fit, strong, and healthy, and having a loved one who is overweight coming to you and asking for help with losing weight. 

Imagine filling your loved one up with hope, seeing the shine of hope in his or her eyes. 

Imagine going for a brisk walk with your loved one on your beach. 

Imagine how happy both of you are being together, being active, enjoying the invigorating surroundings of your beach. 

After going on a long walk, imagine sitting down on the soft, white, warm sand, and replenishing your muscles and other tissues with fresh, ripe fruits, fresh lettuce, any beautiful, healthy foods that both of you enjoy. 

Feel the warm sun and refreshing breeze bathe your bodies with health as you chew your foods well and enjoy each mouthful, giving thanks for such healthy food and surroundings. 

Imagine your loved one embracing you in a hug of thanks – feel her deep appreciation and love for you.

Now come back to relaxing on your beach. Feel a slightly stronger breeze blow in from the ocean, calling you to rise. Sit up on the sand now, and feel how healthy you are, how at peace you are with yourself and the world. 

You can see that when others are upset or mean, it’s because they need love and kindness. 

You can see that nothing can keep you from being healthy and strong, and someone who consistently seeks to understand others, to be kind to others, to love others. 

You’re looking forward to the next moment when you can enjoy your health and strength, and extend compassion to someone or something that needs you.


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One of my goals this year (2020) is to learn to meditate. I don't just want to be sitting and trying to meditate by myself. I am looking for guided meditations and would love to see lots more videos from you. I am also a big fan of visualization. I have been a long time newsletter reader and love and appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion for health and wellness. I have learned so much with every newsletter!

I thought this was a great guided imagery. Your voice is perfect and sounded really good. I'm a yoga instructor and a doula and this is something that I would encourage my students to use for relaxation. The only thing I would change is the part where the child is lost and crying. That's an extremely negative image. My daughter disappeared when she was 7 and it turned out that she was ok but the 3 hours it took for the neighborhood and the police to find her were completely terrifying and the image of the crying 5 year old brought that day back and pretty much ruined the meditation for me. I think it might have the same effect on a lot of people. I've learned as a public speaker (I'm a health educator) to always keep things positive. People get cut off from learning when they are presented with negative images. Of course, sometimes, a negative image is necessary to help people be more healthy, but here in your guided imagery, I think it has a negative impact. Otherwise, I think it's great and very useful. I've been reading your articles for a long time and really enjoying them. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Dear Dr. Kim,
Please do not hesitate to record additional visualizations. Your reading was incredibly relaxing, clear, and meaningful. I intend to listen to it frequently. I have had very positive experiences using guided imagery ( Dr. Marty Rossman) to help heal various health problems in the past. Thank you for recording this. Jane