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Would Those In Our Circle Of Life Choose Us In Another Lifetime?

Widespread stay-at-home policies are leading to an increase in domestic violence all over the globe.  

This is a sad reality that social workers and first responders are well aware of - statistics indicate that whenever families spend more time together, domestic violence increases.  

This is why more than ever, we must stay in touch with family and friends via phone and video chat, especially in cases where there is a history of tension within domestic relationships.  We never know when one moment of connection with a friend or relative can alleviate stress and loneliness, thereby preventing existing frustrations from escalating.

The other day, I saw a program where a young man met his deceased father in a dream.  As he embraced his father in a bear hug, the young man said that if he had the opportunity to be born again, he wished he could come back as his father's son.  

That thought ruined me for a good while as I reflected on the depth of love that this father and son shared.  It reinforced for me that the best thing I can do with my life is to be the father that my children would wish to have if they were to come back in another lifetime.

The empowering reality is that we can adopt this mindset in all of our most important relationships.  We can strive to be the parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, sibling, spouse, and friend that our loved ones would choose to have in another lifetime.

In the midst of a pandemic that we will remember for the rest of our lives, many are struggling with loss, fear, uncertainty, and loneliness.  This may actually be our greatest opportunity to go within and gain clarity on what we value most and how we wish to spend any remaining days we are blessed with.


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Beautifully expressed. Thank you!