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Hard Boiled Eggs Recipe

I know it seems almost silly to have a recipe for boiled eggs, but I have found that many people boil their eggs for too long, decreasing the quality of protein and fat that properly cooked and raw eggs provide.

Here's how to boil an egg to preserve as much of its health benefits as possible:

Place your eggs in a pot and add enough cold water to completely cover eggs. Allow this pot to sit on medium to medium-high heat until the water is just ready to boil. At this point, put a lid on the pot and take it off the heat completely, allowing it to rest on a part of your stove that is at room temperature. After 15 minutes, rinse well with lukewarm or room temperature water and peel. Voila - tasty and nutritious semi-hard boiled eggs!


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I respect the fact that you posted this recipe. I've often wondered about how long I should boil eggs and tended to boil them wayyy too long---in order to be safe. Well I've used your method a couple times now. WOW! What a difference! They taste much better than the overcooked version. So thank you for sharing and not taking any knowledge for granted…because someone may not know and may benefit greatly from your wisdom, as I often do. I ate an egg with a couple cloves of roasted garlic (also used your recipe) and a dash of seasoning salt. Best snack ever!! Very filling too!