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Operation Shanti Update

Last week, I published a comprehensive article on Operation Shanti, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower the poorest and neediest children and elderly, beginning with those in Mysore, India.

In that publication, I set a goal of having our readership raise $11,700 in one week for Operation Shanti's most pressing needs.

While I was hopeful for a positive outcome, I was emotionally prepared for a muted response; despite my optimistic nature, life has beaten me down on enough occasions for me to instinctively brace myself for disappointment in such situations.

Here's what happened...

Within 24 hours, our readership raised just under $8,000.

Within 48 hours, we raised approximately $12,000.

Within three full days of letting our readers know about Operation Shanti's needs, our readership raised slightly more than $13,000.

I began publishing my natural health newsletter in 2004, and never in the history of my newsletter have I witnessed a response that comes close to matching what has happened over the past few days. To me, this says a great deal about the integrity and value of the work that Operation Shanti is engaged in, and I am grateful beyond words that a small group of our readers reached out to help this amazing organization and the people they serve.

I received a preliminary list of the contributors last night (about 250), and as I went through the list, I got a big lump in my chest as I recognized many of the names on the list and read the many messages of support and encouragement.

Some readers sent in $5.

One reader sent in $2,500.

Many others sent in between $5 to $2,500.

Each gift contributed to what I consider to be a miraculous gift for the children and families that Operation Shanti serves.

I think that Tracy and everyone else at Operation Shanti are as stunned and thrilled as my wife and I are.

To each contributor: please know that your generosity and compassion have already touched many lives, and will empower many deserving children and families in the days ahead.

If you haven't made a contribution to Operation Shanti and are still thinking about making one, please know that all contributions that exceed the amount needed for their most pressing needs will go toward supporting their everyday programs; each nutritious meal costs 10 cents, so all donations will go a long way towards helping the children and families in their program.

You can make a donation here:

Operation Shanti Donation Page

Thank you again for creating a real life miracle! And to all of you who posted a link to my article on Operation Shanti on your blogs and forums, please know that I am aware of and extremely grateful for your kindness thanks to Google alerts. :)

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Hi there,

I love your newsletter and read it every chance I get...and have even bought your Tooth Soap! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for writing about Operation Shanti...I'm not really...set financially, but I had to make a least I have a roof, a family, and food to help me in life...while these poor kids don't. And they sure would hopefully benefit from the money more than thanks and I hope you continue to inform us (your reader base) about such organizations...they are truly amazing!