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How To Clean Dryer Vent For Improved Efficiency

If you have a laundry dryer with a vent that blows hot air and lint outdoors, about once a year, it's a good idea to have it thoroughly cleaned. Buildup of lint in a drying vent is a real fire hazard, and significantly diminishes drying efficiency.

To do the job properly, you can use a simple dryer vent cleaning tool like this one:

The bristles on the end of this tool are well designed to thoroughly clean a vent without damaging it, and with multiple flexible and connectable nylon rods, you can clean up to 30 feet of vent, even if your vent has multiple curves and bends.

It comes with a drill bit that allows for easy attachment to any drill - by gently drilling clockwise, thorough cleaning is a breeze. The instructions clearly indicate that you must drill clockwise only, even as you are exiting the vent. Drilling counter-clockwise can cause the attachments to come apart, which would pose a potential headache if deeply lodged within a vent.

I've included this vent cleaning tool at our Amazon page, where I post various resources that my family uses like supportive footwear and ergonomically designed backpacks, as well as some favourite gift ideas:

Any commissions that come from Amazon are donated to people and causes we support.


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