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Hanging Bar For A Home Gym


This is a portable hanging bar that I use to keep my shoulders and spine healthy with a variety of hanging, gym ring, TRX suspension, and swing yoga exercises.

Regrettablly, this Vietnam-made model (KT Hanging Stand) is currently out of stock, but there are similar stand-alone frames available from time to time at Fitness equipment depots and Amazon - I'll keep an eye on the inventory of this stand and will share a link in a future newsletter once it becomes available again.

Included below are links to stand-alone overhead bars and pull-up bars that can be used within a standard doorway.

KT Hanging Stand (United States)

Yoga Swing Stand (Canada)

Pull-up Bar for Doorway (United States)

Pull-up Bar for Doorway - another option (United States)

Pull-up Bar for Doorway (Canada)

If you're not doing some simple hanging daily, even with your feet on the ground, I highly recommend that you find a way to include hanging in your daily self care routine, as it's an effective way to support ideal posture and healthy function through your shoulders and spine.

Here are 2 videos that I've made in past years demonstrating a variety of beginner to advanced hanging techniques:

Hanging with your feet on the ground (beginner level)

More advanced techniques using full body weight:


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