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Sleep Mask Tip

Last year, I heard from an old patient who was struggling with intermittent eye infections. In reviewing her everyday routine, we realized that the root cause might have been her sleep mask which she had not thought to put through the laundry since she first started using it in 2018.

Thankfully, after running her sleep mask through the wash and making it a routine to include it with her weekly laundry, her conjunctivitis went away and has not returned. A happy e-mail update from her over the weekend made me think of sharing her experience here. I'm a big believer in the value of using a sleep mask and highly encourage nightly use for everyone, especially those who don't have darkening drapes or blinds.

Of all of the determinants of our health status and longevity, in my view, quality of sleep is at the top of the list. Sleeping in the darkest environment we can create is well worth the effort.

For those who don't use a sleep mask, the simple one that I've used for years can be found at Amazon:

Amazon US:

Amazon Canada:


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