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Protein Power Smoothie Recipe

This protein-rich smoothie is a healthy food choice for children and adults of all ages, and is particularly useful for fueling healthy growth in children and for replenishing one's muscles after a workout.

This protein power smoothie recipe calls for our organic plant protein, which, unlike many commercially available protein powders, is 100% whole plant food - no fillers, and absolutely no protein isolates.

Makes about 2 large servings


4 frozen bananas (slice into small pieces before freezing)
Almond or other non-dairy milk
2 tablespoons organic hemp protein powder
2 tablespoons raw honey


Use a Vita-Mix blender or any other strong blender to blend bananas, hemp protein powder, and honey together until smooth. You'll need to use at least one cup of non-dairy milk to get things going. For smoothies that go down easily, use more non-dairy milk, and for smoothies that resemble thick ice cream, use less milk.


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