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Vision-Supporting Juice Recipe

Beta-carotene and lutein are two nutrients that are absolutely essential to supporting and protecting your eyesight as you age. And one of nature's best food sources of both of these nutrients is spinach.

If you add a green food powder to this vision-supporting juice recipe, it is best to use one that includes spinach and kale; kale is also rich in lutein and beta-carotene.

Carrots are included for their rich beta-carotene content, and acerola cherry powder is included for its overall value as an antioxidant-rich food that can help to prevent free radical damage in your eyes and vision-related regions in your brain.


2 large handfuls of washed spinach leaves
1 apple
3 carrots
1 tablespoon of acerola cherry powder


Use a good juicer to juice spinach, apple, and carrots.

Combine juice with cherry powder in a jar, tighten the lid, and give it a vigorous shake for about 10 seconds to fully mix the cherry powder with the juice.

If you tend to have a high blood sugar level, you may want to try sipping on this juice over several hours rather than drink it in a short period of time.

If you use a green food powder, add it along with the cherry powder for more nutrient density.

To learn more steps that you can take to protect your eyesight as you age, view:

Six Ways to Protect Your Eyesight

Please note: This recipe is suitable for the Full Body Cleanse program.


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