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A Simple Way To Care For Your Hips - One Minute Daily

This is a simple way of restoring and maintaining hip mobility at any age.

While sitting on the ground or on a chair, start with your leg straight out in front of you, heel on the ground. Rotate your foot as far as it will go internally and externally and alternate between these two end points, really feeling this range in your hip.

If your hip feels especially tight or restricted at any particular point, without inducing pain, linger in that range to give your allow your joint and nervous system to reconnect with this range of movement.

After several repetitions, try the same thing but with your heel planted closer to you - with your heel closer and your knee joint flexed, you may find it more challenging to take your hip through internal and external rotation. Try what you comfortably can.

Be sure to work on both hips each time you do this mobility work. You can do this multiple times a day to maintain healthy hip function.

Actively taking our hips through maximum internal and external rotation is something that few of us are required to do in everyday life, which is precisely why many of us lose this range as we age. With less capacity to internally and externally rotate our hips, the cartilage that exists between the ball of the femur (thigh bone) and the acetabulum (hip socket) invariably experiences more wear and tear over time.

If you wish to strengthen your hip mobility to a greater degree, try the 90/90 hip mobility work found here:


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