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A Simple Technique to Open Up Stiff Hips

Updated on May 17, 2019

A number of people who have gone through other videos that I've done on hip mobility have mentioned feeling restricted deep within their hip joints while trying to rotate their hips.

This video demonstrates a technique that can help restore joint mobility while lengthening shortened muscles and tendons that inhibit natural range of motion.

The idea is to apply pressure to a large muscle group that contributes to a joint's movement while taking said joint through a range of motion that lengthens the muscle that pressure is being applied to.

The first motion involves lying on your side with the adductor muscle group along the inner portion of your up-side thigh resting on a firm ball or foam roller. Keeping your knee flexed around 90 degrees, gently rock your hip up and down while keeping your hip adductors pressed down on the ball. If your inner thigh area is too sensitive for this level of pressure, try using a softer ball like a volleyball.

The second motion involves assuming something close to a plank position whereby your hip flexor group is resting on a ball or foam roller, while you take your hip through internal rotation by flexing your knee 90 degrees and letting your foot move outward toward the ground to your side - as you do this, you should feel an increase in pressure in your hip flexor area as these muscles are lengthened under the ball or foam roller.

I hope this technique proves to be helpful.


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I have had one total hip replacement already but now the other hip and knee are sore. Was wondering if I could do this on the hip that was replaced or just on the other side. Watching my diet very closely taking supplements, exercising and going to yoga and still I am struggling.

Thank you! I really appreciate your emails

Hi Florence,

I have found that this exercise is helpful in either case. I would only suggest being conservative in how much pressure you apply and the range that you take our hips through.

I hope you experience improvement in the days ahead.