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How to Open Up Tight Hips

For those struggling with hip pain and stiffness, this is a simple stretch that I recommend doing daily.

This is best done with a strong resistance band - I prefer one made of a fabric-like material like this: Fabric Resistance Band

Alternatively, one could hold the ends of a long towel or something similar.

Our hips are designed as a ball-in-socket joint that is meant to swivel outward and inward. As young children, playing on the ground and often sitting cross-legged helps to preserve our natural swiveling range, but as we get older, unless we are actively taking our hips through internal and external rotation, we mostly use our hips in flexion and extension with limited rotation.

As we lose our swiveling range, our hips gradually become stiff, which is when degenerative changes begin, paving the way to chronic pain and immobility.

The simple stretch shown is also excellent for lengthening the posterior chain of the lower extremities, namely the hamstrings and calf region, which is helpful in preventing pelvic and lower back pain.


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