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Shoulder Dislocates to Improve Shoulder Mobility

This is a simple and highly effective shoulder mobility exercise that you can do anywhere.

Lie prone on a comfortable surface and begin with a towel or scarf outstretched above your head - you want to keep your elbows locked out, and maintain enough tension on the towel or scarf to keep it taut.

Slowly move the taut towel behind your head as far as you can comfortably go, then lower it to your starting point. Repeat this motion slowly, and aim to take the towel a little further each time. Ideally, you want to work your way to taking the towel to your lower back, taking your arms through what’s called “shoulder dislocates” in gymnastics.

It’s best to begin shoulder dislocates with your arms spread wide apart - the closer your arms to each other, the harder these are. Dislocates are an excellent drill for shoulder mobility.

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