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How to Reverse Rounded Shoulders Caused By Excessive Sitting

This is a simple routine to reverse the effects that prolonged sitting has on shoulder mobility.

While on your knees, bring your upper body and arms down to the ground with your arms stretched as far away from your head as possible. At your end range, gently pulse your upper body down toward the ground to make your armpits feel more “open.”

In this position, crawl both hands toward one side of your body as far as you comfortably can, then do more gentle pulses to open up your armpits. Then crawl over to the other side and repeat these pulses.

Next, lie back on an exercise ball and take your arms through slow circles. You can hand a ball back and forth between hands as you go through each circle.

Finish by gently pulsing down on an exercise ball in the same manner you did on the ground at the beginning of this routine. You can sway gently from side to side at your end range.


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