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Mobility Routine for Desk Workers

Begin by taking your neck through controlled flexion, extension, rotation to both sides, and lateral flexion, all as far as you can comfortably go.

Then take your neck through full circles in a controlled manner, clockwise, then counter-clockwise.

Next, take one shoulder through controlled arm circles, aiming to keep the arc of your circles as close to your head and body as possible. First in one direction, then the other, and repeat on the other side.

Then with both arms in a "hands up" position, push both arms straight above your head until fully extended, aiming to keep your arms on the plane of your ears.

Next, find good contact points on your chair with both hands to fully rotate your trunk backward in one direction - try pulsing a few times while at your end range to deepen this stretch. Be sure to do this in the other direction as well.

Then fold one leg to bring the ankle up to rest on your other thigh to create an external rotation stretch through the upside hip. Gently pulse your thigh downward with your hand to accentuate the stretch through your hip. Keep your core engaged and bring your upper body slightly forward to further deepen this hip stretch. Repeat this same routine on the other side.

Sit forward on your chair and widen your stance on the ground to about 2-3 times shoulder width. Keep your core engaged and gently bend forward from your waist to stretch your hamstrings.

Next, with your hands firmly anchored on the seat of your chair and feet on the ground a comfortable distance away, assume cobra pose to extend your spine and neck.

Then with your knees on the ground and your arms outstretched on the seat of the chair, pulse your trunk and head down toward the ground to make your "armpits bigger" for maximum shoulder flexion.

Standing upright, bend one knee and hold that same side ankle behind you and lean forward toward your chair - you should feel a deep stretch through your upside thigh and hip flexor and your downside hamstrings. Repeat on the other side.

Finish in a forward lunge position to further stretch your hip flexors through the backside leg, one side at a time.


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