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If Allowed Only 10

Assume that you are allowed to make 10 investments over the course of your life. How much care will you put into making each of your allotted 10 choices, and once you've decided on which assets you wish to invest in, how much time will you spend caring for them?

Put another way, do you see yourself as being a trader, someone who hops in out of whatever is in or out of favour today, or are you an investor, a person who prefers to hold the best quality assets you can find for the rest of your life?

It took me many years to understand that the more fulfilling path for me is to live with an investor's mindset. Not just with respect to managing finances, but in all areas of life.

With these thoughts in mind, here are more questions worth considering as we look to experience our best health and life:

1. Who are 10 people that you believe will be on your mind during the last moments of your life?

2. If you could choose only 10 foods to eat for the rest of your life, which ones would they be?

3. If you knew that you had 10 months left to be on this planet, how would you choose to spend those months?

4. If someone you deeply respect gave you 1 million dollars and asked you to donate 100,000 dollars to 10 different people or causes, what would your list look like?

The goal in considering such questions is to help filter out everyday noise that will not matter to us 10 years from now.

With best wishes for safe and fulfilling days,



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I look forward to reading your helpful articles each week. I would like to say that I appreciate your statement about being considerate of those that need to lip read. I am one of those partially deaf people who depend on lip reading for a full understanding of what is being said. I find that most people I ask to remove their mask so I can understand what they are saying do comply kindly. I do not wear a mask out of conscience of the need to breathe, provide a feeling of normalcy to those I meet, and to help others who may be lip reading as well. Our humanity is in need of a smile that is only seen when our face is uncovered. Sincerely, Susan