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Very Easy Make Happy

Many thanks and respect to Kane from BuzzFeed and his lovely mom for sharing this with the world. Very easy make happy indeed. :)


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Dr. Kim,
Thank you so much for sharing this video. It’s very heartwarming. I subscribe to your newsletter, which is wonderful by the way, and always pick up on the love you have for your sons. I also have two sons, in their 40’s now, which are our greatest treasures. I admire your concern about being a loving parent. It’s the most important job you’ll ever have, and can have the greatest payout! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, excercises, and healthy living tips. KUDOS!

Thanks so much Elaine. I appreciate your lovely note, and I can only hope to one day know what life is like with children in their 40's! Wishing your family all good things. - Ben