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Low Impact Woodland Home

If you have interest in low-cost and environmentally-friendly homes, I encourage you to visit the web site of a low impact woodland home that was built within about four months for less than 10,000 USD by a small family in Wales.

What I find particularly amazing about this project is that it was completed by a young father and his father-in-law with just a few basic tools and the help of some friends. No professional tradespeople were involved - just regular folks who had experience building a similar home two years prior to creating this one.

When you visit their web site, I encourage you to look through all of their pages, as they've done a brilliant job of documenting their journey with this home. You'll find several photos of their work as it was carried out.

There is also a page that describes an exciting project called Lammas, which aims to bring together eight families and individuals to build an eco-village on a plot of land in Pembrokshire, SW Wales. It appears that there are opportunities to get involved with this project for those who have interest in this way of living.


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