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A Simple Mobility Routine

This is a simple full body mobility routine that you can do anywhere.

Begin by rolling your shoulders in small circles to warm up your scapulae.

Move to arm circles, forward and backward, to warm up your shoulder joints - aim to keep your trunk facing forward.

Take your neck through flexion, extension, right and left rotation, right and left lateral flexion, then slow full circles clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Extend your arms out in front of you and take your wrists through circles.

With your feet spread wide apart, take your trunk through circles clockwise and counter-clockwise with your hands on your hips.

Move into hip circles both ways.

With your feet and knees together and hands resting on your kneecaps, do knee circles to arm up your cruciate and collateral ligaments.

Then with your leg off the ground or with your toe lightly pressed into the ground, do ankle circles.

Finish with alternating leg lifts, balancing on each leg for a second or two as you take each hip through maximum flexion.

For an overview of exercise progressions that you can work at to improve your mobility and balance in a systematic way, please feel free to visit our Mobility Exercise Progressions page here:

For some suggestions on how to set up a simple workout area at home, please feel free to view:


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