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Gentle Bouncing Exercises for Lymphatic Health, Core Strength, and Better Balance

Gently bouncing up and down while partially submerged under water is an excellent way of improving circulation throughout your body, maintaining muscle and bone strength, and promoting healthy circulation of lymph fluid through your lymphatic system - all are essential to supporting optimal immune system strength.

You can also try a few variations to keep this gentle bouncing exercise challenging and also to build core strength and sharpen your sense of balance.

Try moving your arms in concert with your legs with the right arm going up in front of you when you lift and hop on your left leg, and alternating this with your left arm going up as you hop on your right leg - you should feel like you are taking your arms and legs through a natural running motion while you are staying in one spot.

Try also gently bouncing with your arms straight out at your sides, and strive to keep your scapulae retracted - that is, slightly squeezed together.

And finally try bouncing with your arms pointing straight up - try to have your arms cover your ears and keep your core activated as you bounce.

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