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Mobility Exercises

Singing for Health: Heal the World, Cover by Kollaboration

Here's a feel-good cover of one of my favorites from Michael Jackson. It was produced by Kollaboration, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a strong Asian American presence in entertainment, and to use this presence to aid other charitable and community causes. For a look at other productions by Kollaboration, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! Read more


Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso

Just a brief post to share an exquisite cover of the love theme from Cinema Paradiso.

Many thanks to David Park of Incheon, South Korea, for recommending this movie to me many years ago. In my book, Cinema Paradiso is one of those once-in-a-lifetime films. Read more


Matt Harding Dances Around the Globe

Updated on August 30, 2009

Wouldn't it be amazingly fun to travel around the world and dance outdoors with happy people? I'm guessing that it would be really good for our health.

I hope you love the following video as much as I do - it's of a fellow named Matt Harding dancing outdoors with happy people all over the world. Read more


Singing for Health: Viva La Vida

Here's another catchy song to get your lymphatic vessels pumping to. The cover of "Viva La Vida" found below is by Afraid of Everest - I actually enjoy this cover better than the original by Coldplay. If you'd like to sing along, please scroll down for lyrics. Read more


Singing for Health: Home, by Josh Verdes

If you're traveling home or welcoming family and friends to your home over the holidays, I think you'll enjoy the following song. For me, it captures all of the feelings that surround being with loved ones during Christmas and New Year's.

You'll find lyrics below the video, just in case you want to sing along to support good lymphatic and immune system health. :) Read more


Singing for Health: You and I Both, by Jason Mraz

Here's another favorite from Jason Mraz - it's melancholic and lovely at the same time. In typical Mraz-like fashion, the grammar is other-worldly at times, but you always feel his heart. :) Enjoy. Read more


Eating Mercifully - A Documentary that Explores Christian Perspectives on Factory Farming

Eating Mercifully is a short documentary that explores Christian perspectives on the cruelty inflicted upon millions of factory farmed animals in our world every day.

A trailer for Eating Mercifully, produced by The Humane Society of the United States, can be viewed below.

Warning: Some of the footage in this documentary is devastating, so please view it without children present before making a decision on who you'd like to share this trailer with. Read more


Jason Mraz's Healthy Chocolate Pudding Recipe

How about a chocolate pudding that's good for your heart? This is exactly what you'll create by following Jason Mraz's chocomole recipe, which calls for avocados, dates, chocolate powder, and a touch of vanilla.

The result is a creamy chocolate pudding that's rich in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids and flavonoids, making it an excellent choice for promoting a healthy cardiovascular system and good overall health. Read more


Goonda: A Video on Operation Shanti, by Reel Youth

Last week, I received a 15-minute video on Operation Shanti called GOODNA, which was produced by a not-for-profit Canadian organization called Reel Youth.

GOODNA provides an up-close look at some of the street children that Operation Shanti has been reaching out to.

Please feel free to view GOODNA here: Read more




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