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Great Way to Learn How to Play the Guitar

It's hard to believe that more than 20 years have passed since my mom gave me a guitar for my birthday. She paid fifty dollars for it back then, and even got me started with a few lessons at a local music store.

I never spent enough time with my guitar to play in a band or anything like that - the most I've done is play for church youth groups throughout the years. But these days, strumming my guitar is one of the few activities that I have the luxury of enjoying once in a while. To ease back and take a break from my daily responsibilities, other than playing tennis and reading a good book, nothing beats going down to our basement and belting out a few songs. Read more


Singing for Health: Someone Like You, by Adele

Here's a hauntingly beautiful song that takes me away from the present like a time machine. Thank you Adele.


Singing for Health: What Are Words, by Chris Medina

Just love everything about this song and its reason for existing. It's a ballad for Chris Medina's fiancée, who suffered brain damage in a car accident shortly before they were to be married.

I'm guessing that those of you who follow American Idol already know about this. Not having cable TV in our home, I knew nothing of Chris and his fiancée until just yesterday when Margaret stumbled upon their story. So glad to know about them. Read more


Singing for Health: Hey, Soul Sister

Can't get this tune out of my head. The melody makes me happy, almost just like Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" does, but it definitely has its own distinct flavor. It's a cover of "Hey, Soul Sister" by a group of Asian musicians (begins about 40 seconds into the video):

Lyrics for "Hey Soul Sister," by Train

Heeey heeeey heeeeey Read more


Why Singing is Good for Your Health

Looking for a fun way to get and stay healthy?

Try singing on a regular basis.

But not any old singing will do. The kind of singing that will provide you with significant health benefits has to come from deep inside your chest, even from your abdomen. Read more


Music for Health: Just the Two of Us, by Will Smith

Though I don't usually feel a connection to rap music, "Just the Two of Us" is an all-time favorite of mine. Many years before I became a dad in my early 30's, I longed to live out the lyrics of this song with my future children. Read more



Giving thanks for the works of Korean pianist, Yiruma. Read more


Finding Your Unique Life Purpose

One of my favorite movies is Unbreakable, a film by M. Night Shyamalan. What I love most about this film is its suggestion that if you are not doing what you are meant to be doing with your life, you will wake up each morning with a little sadness in your heart.

I realize that every person's life is made up of countless conscious and subconscious experiences, and that it can be self-limiting and even depressing to think that there's just one thing that each of us are meant to do really well. Read more


Singing for Health: Heal the World, Cover by Kollaboration

Here's a feel-good cover of one of my favorites from Michael Jackson. It was produced by Kollaboration, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a strong Asian American presence in entertainment, and to use this presence to aid other charitable and community causes. For a look at other productions by Kollaboration, be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this post. Enjoy! Read more


Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso

Just a brief post to share an exquisite cover of the love theme from Cinema Paradiso.

Many thanks to David Park of Incheon, South Korea, for recommending this movie to me many years ago. In my book, Cinema Paradiso is one of those once-in-a-lifetime films. Read more




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