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Most Popular Posts from 2009

Well, we're here again. Just a few days away from another new beginning.

I've long felt that every day is a new beginning, a chance to change momentum, experience something new, and get closer to becoming a better person in some way.

But there's no denying the extra layers of hope and excitement that surround the beginning of a fresh packet of 365 days - three hundred and sixty-five days that will march us closer to our lifetime total of 30,000 plus if we're blessed in many ways.

On a personal note, 2009 has been a year to cherish for a number of reasons, a few being:

  • Our youngest - now two years and five months old - discovered the joy of talking, and has been using his knack for verbiage to charm the pants off of all of us, especially his grandparents.

    There's nothing quite as heartwarming as seeing your pre-kindergarten youngsters quietly chat about important life matters as they're huddled up together under layers of blankets first thing in the morning. I guess it's just a human thing to want to rest a while in bed upon awakening, even for little ones.

  • My aunt's cafe, an operation that was in the red when she and my uncle took it over a couple of summers ago, has become a success in every way. Not only are my aunt and uncle making a decent and honest living, they are appreciated by their patrons for their always fresh and nourishing food choices. I'm ultra proud of my aunt and uncle for what they're doing.

  • Thanks to my wife encouraging me to return to playing tennis on a regular basis, I feel stronger and healthier than ever.

    My return to a game that I have so much fun with has been a huge wake-up call to do things that I love now. For more than a decade, I told myself that tennis could wait until our boys are in university or I am retired. Am I ever glad that I didn't wait that long!

And of course, a big part of what made 2009 memorable for me was connecting with so many of our readers and clients on a personal level. It's a great honor and privilege to share my thoughts and experiences through this site, and I'm deeply grateful for the trust that many have placed in me to provide reliable guidance on various health matters.

Here's a look back at some of the most popular posts from 2009, ranked in no particular order:

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In 2010, my plan is to come out with a revised edition of "Experience Your Best Health," the primer on experiencing good health via healthy living that I published back in 2005. In order to make sure that this happens, I'll be publishing chunks on a regular basis right here on this blog. I hope that posting chapters as I write them will lead to questions from our readers which, in turn, will lead to the best possible version of this book, one that will be worth the recycled paper that it gets printed on.

In case I haven't already thanked you personally, please know that I truly appreciate you following our site and making it a vehicle for promoting good health for everyone.

To a safe and healthy new year,

Ben Kim


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Dr. Kim,
Thank you! For all that you do, tirelessly it seems, to encourage, promote, and share healthy information! I, and a host of others, appreciate your willingness to impart your knowledge, and your focus on holistic health. Where else could I find articles about forgiving others, the importance of taking today to do something I enjoy, making Kim Chi or Healthy Fudge, *and* stretching exercises? Thank you for helping me to experience a healthier year than the one before!
May you and your family be blessed in the new year!