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No Greater Magic

Between my parents' siblings, I have 11 aunts and uncles. Though I have fondness for and good memories of many of them, it's only my aunt on my mom's side who I share a deep bond with. I've come to realize that such bonds are made over decades of putting forth consistent effort to show someone that we truly care about their well-being.

I'm immensely grateful that our boys also have a similar bond with my younger sister, one that has been created by her showing them through her actions over 18 years that she genuinely roots for them to experience all good things in life.

Recently, in wanting to encourage her two nephews as they set off on new life adventures, she had this to share:

Be open to trying all sorts of activities and spending time with a wide variety of people. The truth is you may find that you can't be really good friends with most of the people you meet. But the experience of consistently being around other personalities will prepare you to recognize the few people you can enjoy lifelong friendships with.

Knowing with conviction that we have someone in the world who deeply cares about us and roots for us to make beautiful memories and friendships is one of life's greatest blessings.

All of us have the capacity to be such a person for others, and in my view, there is no greater magic we can be a part of.

A brief look at my younger sister with our boys over the years:


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