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Choose Your Lipstick and Lip Balm Wisely

Do you know that using lipstick or lip balm can increase your risk of developing cancer and autoimmune diseases? If you use lipstick or lip balm on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you visit the Environmental Working Group's online safety assessment catalogue for dangerous chemicals in personal care products. You can type the names of cosmetics that you use into the EWG's search engine and learn how safe or dangerous they are.

While all cosmetics that come into contact with your skin pose risks to your health, lipstick and lip balm are especially dangerous because they are so easily swallowed and absorbed into your blood stream via your digestive tract. I have come to believe that far more women than men suffer with autoimmune illnesses because in general, women are exposed to more dangerous chemicals via cosmetics than men.

When choosing your personal care products, a safe approach is to use only those products that you would actually eat. For example, one of the healthiest lip balms that you can use is coconut oil.


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