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Beware of "New" Tires that Might be Several Years Old

A 20/20 investigation suggests that fatal car accidents are regularly caused by old rubber tires spontaneously disintegrating on the road. This report focuses on the alarming reality that some new tires that are sold in stores like Wal-mart and Sears may actually be several years old. 20/20's investigation actually found some "new" tires on sale at Wal-mart and Sears stores in the States that were up to 12 years old.

View the complete 20/20 report here:

Here are the highlights from this report:

  1. As tires get older, even if they have never been used, their rubber can dry out, making the tires more susceptible to breaking apart while in motion.

  2. American companies are allowed to sell new tires that are several years old without warning consumers that tires that are six or more years old are potentially dangerous. In Europe, it's strongly recommended that unused tires that are more than six years old are not put on cars.

  3. All tires in the United States are stamped with a code that indicates each tire's age. For example, a code of 3101 means that the tire was made in the 31st week of 2001. A code of 4599 means that the tire was made in the 45th week of 1999. This code can be found on the side of tires, sometimes on the side that faces the under side of your car.

If you own a car, it's highly recommended that you check the date of your tires, and to avoid using tires that are six or more years old, even if their treads are in good condition.

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