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Unilateral Spinal Rotation Exercise to Improve Posture and Back Health

This is a simple spinal mobility exercise that you can use to improve and maintain good posture and back health.

Start on all fours. Extend one leg behind you and keep it relatively straight with the balls of that foot anchored on the ground.

Put the hand of the opposite arm behind your head, and rotate your trunk to the side of your upside arm as far as you comfortably can, the goal being to look up toward the ceiling. Rotate back down to have your upside elbow meet your downside elbow, and go back and forth in this manner to take your spine through multiple repetitions of rotation.

Repeat on the other side.

It’s ideal to do simple cow-cat work with your spine before and after doing this exercise.

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Is it OK for someone with incisional hernia ( near the belly button) to do this exercise? Many thanks

It's best for you to do this for the first time with your physiotherapist and together, you can decide if it's safe to include it in your regimen or not. Best of luck.