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Daily Wake-Up For Your Spine and Shoulders

With an exercise ball and a towel or exercise band, you can do both of the simple mobility exercises shown in this video as a daily wake-up for your spine and shoulders.

When rolling back on the ball to encourage extension of the spine, aim to roll back to a point where your legs are fully straight and extended at the knees with your feet remaining on the ground.

If you are new to doing shoulder dislocates with a band or towel, be sure to begin with a wide grip. As your shoulder mobility improves, you can try bringing your hands closer together, though even wide grip shoulder dislocates are immensely beneficial to shoulder mobility.

Biomechanically, spinal extension and using the arms overhead go hand-in-hand, making this pairing of mobility exercises an efficient way to prepare your upper body for activities of daily living.

For more mobility exercises, please feel free to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel:


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The wooden “ladder looking” wall piece as seen in your videos?
I have followed you for years and incorporate many of your exercise suggestions. The wall piece would help me deepen my practice. I like it as it is functional and pleasing aesthetically.
Thank you for your time.

Enjoy this day,

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your question, we are happy to help!

You can find details on the setup of Dr. Kim's home exercise area here:

The info on the ladder structure/stall bars against the wall is lower down on the page cited above.

Here is the link to shop the stall bars:

Hope this helps!

Client Care Manager